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Film Site Update

At Crown Rose Estate the possibles are endless for filming.  As you can see based on the two projects that where filmed here on the estate.  They are so different,  one is filming of the estate as if it was the “White House


and the other is the location of a dog fight

The best thing is we are all of these and more, when it comes to the scope of your project you are working on.  With such a great canvas to work on we can do we can do so much (from civil war, horror, Downton Abbey,  Great Gatasby) from outdoor project to old time classics.  You can’t go wrong at Crown Rose Estate for all your shooting need all in one great location, just outside the Washington, DC area.  

Save the Best for Last

    Mike Moore a truly talented man has really completed our year here at the estate.  With all of his work and dedication to perfection he doesn’t miss a beat.  From renovating the bank barn here at Crown Rose to his wedding day.  He even made his own wedding cake, a ton of Carmel… Continue Reading

New Look….

We thought we would try to get one more project in this year before it is all said and done.  It has been on the list of many things to do on the  estate and though I would take advantage of this warm weather we are having.  The projects are endless and so are the… Continue Reading

Great Bonfire Ideas

Their is nothing better then having a bonfire to warm things up.  Some of the couples might choose to have the bonfire on the rehearsal night instead of the wedding day so they can spend more time with their close friends and family.  What a great way to relax and have some fun before the… Continue Reading

Fall Weddings

When looking at choosing your outdoor wedding venue, it is always a good idea to know what your Plan B is when the weather doesn’t cooperate.     Here at Crown Rose Estate the possibilities are endless … with several different beautiful options for Plan B.  We work with you to make your day a unique… Continue Reading